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Saul Williams
Saul Williams

external image 10552374-creative-writing.jpgLadies and gentlemen, welcome to your blog for the semester.
Not only will we post videos, readings, and share our own work,
but we will also be expected to read and comment on each others'
work. Take a look around, check things out, and think of anything
you would like to add. Don't miss the poem below, from one of
my favorites, Martín Espada.

Blasphemy- by Martín Espada

From The Trouble Ball

Let the blasphemy be spoken: poetry can save us,
not the way a fisherman pulls the drowning swimmer
into his boat, not the way Jesus, between screams,
promised life everlasting to the thief crucified beside him
on the hill, but salvation nevertheless.

Somewhere a convict sobs into a book of poems
from the prison library, and I know why
his hands are careful not to break the brittle pages.

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alright so one night he was up super late last week and he was skyping super loud and obnoxiously till like three in the morning, laughing yelling ...just genereal bitchery .

[2:11:24 AM] : and so i sat up and just stared at him...

[2:11:57 AM] : and he was just talking super loud and i started yelling "HEy, HEYYY!!!"

[2:12:16 AM] : and then i started whistling super loud and snapping and yelling

[2:12:32 AM] : and he finally took his headphones off super surprised

[2:12:38 AM] : and was like whats going on?

[2:13:14 AM] : and i said it fucking 3 in the morning and i need to slee so if you wanna skype get out of here and stop making noise or log off and go to bed

[2:13:32 AM] : and then i just stared like this

[2:13:56 AM] : and then he shut tp

[2:14:07 AM] : and the next day he apologized